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Ruminating on the last six months at the Geckostrands Studio , I feel I have a lot to be thankful for.Late January was the start of the MoMa Markets at the MONA Museum, each week we were greeted with a myriad of entertainment and activities loosely within the theme of ‘fermentation’.  Geckostrands continued to brew its eco dyeing using Eucalyptus leaves and had a very successful season.

 Draw a circle, make a bowl

Begin the dance to express your soul

The dyers art seems like pure magic

A chance to learn the mysteries of colour

Wrapped in cloth, the evocative smells.

Making a tangible memory of place.

Eucalyptus like lobster changes colour

Telling a story of heat, time and alchemy.

 I took a break to participate in my local fair; The Taste of The Huon in March. This is a two-day event showcasing everything that the Huon Valley has to offer; food, arts, music.  This was fun, meeting many of the locals and visitors to the Huon Valley.  My work was enthusiastically received and on the first day I sold out of all of my silk and merino tops.  Knitted works went as far a field as England.

Current work can now be purchased in a variety of venues.  The Pumphouse Point Boutique Hotel on Lake St Clair is a proud supporter of my work, scarves can be purchased from reception


Wild Island Gallery at Salamanca Hobart   http://www.wildislandtas.com.au/gallery/

My work can be found at The Sensory Tasmania at Richmond.